There’s nothing like reading a book with children and then watching their excitement when that book comes to life. That’s not something that happens everyday. However, when you find an amazing children’s theater show at the New York City Children’s Theater chances are you may experience exactly that. They are known for creating amazing shows based on a book. A couple of weeks ago a new show premiered and it was nothing short of spectacular. Introducing Interstellar Cinderella, a futuristic take on the classic fairy tale! Music and Lyrics by Laurie Berkner Book by Barbara Zinn Krieger Directed by Marty Johnson Based on the book by Deborah Underwood Best for ages 4-8.

Recently one of our So Family moms got to check out the show with her family. She has two sweet girls and they loved the show. “The music, the audience excitment and the story kept the girls engaged. It was an unforgettable theater experience and educational too. Interstellar Cinderella is the perfect family show and perfect for a friends date or birthday party celebration.”




Image from the show – Photo Credit NYC Children’s Theater

There are always benefits for your children when they are introduced to new experiences. Live shows, specifically, introduce children to new vocabulary, understanding and reading character’s emotions, patience, plots and the confidence to imagine. You’ll know if your children are empowered by their experience when you listen to their conversation and watch their play. New York Children’s Theater connects theater, music and education. Intersellar Cinderella is playing now through- December 18, 2017Check out their events calendar by visiting New York City Children’s Theater today!

~Monica J~
Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. My mission is to empower children to become their best selves in school and in life. We received free tickets to see Interstellar Cinderella.


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