When you quiet the voices of judgment all around you, you give your child the gift of being heard. 

MJS Learning Space

Parenting is an experience.  Do you agree?  Truly connecting with your child means letting go of other people’s strict rules, labels and judgment. It’s about celebrating the journey of getting to know your child & guiding them to become their best self. Sometimes the journey comes with challenges, specifically emotional and behavior challenges.  These challenges are opportunities to teach and learn.  That’s why I created a Learning Space just for parents like you to learn more about these challenges. Now you can teach and guide your child.

Judgement Free Zone

MJS is a place for you to get support without judgment when it comes to guiding your child.  As the nurturer in your family you may find yourself feeling drained, overwhelmed and questioning if you’re doing it right? You may ask why your children aren’t listening or why you’re constantly repeating yourself to them. Well, I’m here to help.  Join the MJS Insiders Community for educational videos, webinars, fun activities, and toy recommendations that can all be customized to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Let's Work Together

With over 16 years of experience in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, I know that helping children learn & grow is not an exact science. It’s different for every child and every parent. Doing the right thing for your child means getting to know them where they are.  I believe in seeing children as the individuals they are.  Every strategy doesn’t work for every child, especially when it comes to child behavior.  If you’re looking for more individualized help in these areas let’s chat!

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