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Preschool Explorers Programs

Preschool Explorers is an early childhood learning space designed for young children ranging in ages from 3 years old through 4 years old. The age group of 3 – 4 years of age focuses on standard developmental milestones in a general virtual education setting.  Preschool Explorers was created by Moncia J Sutton.

Free Pre-K Circle Time

I’m offering preschool circle time lessons Monday – Friday, on the Monica J Sutton Youtube Channel,  to add to your learn at home schedule. I hope these videos help bring some routine, learning and fun into your child’s life.  Our Circle Time seasons are 6 weeks long and there are breaks in between each season.


MJS Insiders Community

Join our community today.  Stay up to date with the latest resources, challenges, strategies and tips on child behavior.

Parent Resources & More

Visit the Monica J Sutton youtube Channel, especially designed for families with young children. Find free children’s lessons, product reviews, parent trainings and more.

About Monica

Monica J Sutton is an early childhood educator and child behavior specialist who’s created an online community of parents with young children. She teaches young children both in the classroom and worldwide through her online FREE Circle Time Videos.  She helps parents guide children to be their best selves in challenging situations using her PAUSE Practice. With a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education, she has spent over 18 years working directly with children of all abilities and backgrounds in NYC classrooms. She combines her research-driven expertise and experiential hands-on results with the belief that every child has an individual path to greatness.

Monica’s expert guidance has been featured on online publications including Kid Made Modern, Scary Mommy, Cozykin, Spark Box Toys, Peaceable Kingdom, Lifetime Moms, and Essence, as well as on the TV news program Low Country Live. She’s been a speaker at Mommycon, Mom 2.0 Summit and Alt Summit. She is also the founder of the PAUSE Practice, a new way of thinking and approaching child behavior. You can find her at http://www.monicajsutton.com.

Parent Testimonials

“Great webinar. As a single mom and preschool educator I really appreciate learning about this and look forward to becoming a better parent for my daughter and educator for my little students. I look forward to more videos.”

Mom of 3

“Thank you Monica. I just wanted to tell you that I first heard of you through Youtube and followed a lot of your advice and worked with my daughter at the time and my two boys. I have been so happy with all the apps and development things you you’ve recommended. They say never stop learning and I’m still learning and teaching my children at the same time. You are appreciated.”

Mom of 2 boys

“Super excited to learn better ways to become a better mother and UNDERSTANDING my son’s emotions and behaviors. Your tips are EVERYTHING . LIFE CHANGING.”

Mom of 1