I had the opportunity to pick the brains of expert clinicians from the Child Mind Institute in New York City. CMI is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders through evidence-based clinical care and research into the developing brain, and by providing parents with useful, accurate information that empowers families and communities to get help.

On Friday, October 14, CMI hosted a breakfast for a select group of bloggers at its Manhattan offices, featuring an informal conversation with Drs. Kristin Carothers and Jamie Howard on a range of topics. The doctors answered questions that were directly asked by parents from each bloggers readers.  Some of the topics covered were behavior, ADHD, screen time, transitioning to new schools, dealing with new siblings, night terrors and more.

Dr. Carothers is a clinical psychologist in the ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center at CMI. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and behavior disorders in children and adolescents, and utilizes her background in the treatment of trauma to inform her practice and frequent workshops in schools and community settings.

Dr. Howard is a clinical psychologist in the Anxiety and Mood Disorders Center at CMI and the director of the Center’s Trauma and Resilience Service. She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders in children and adolescents, and has expertise in treating post-traumatic stress and adjustment disorders across the lifespan.

As an educator, I felt right at home sitting in the Child Mind Institute.  I actually wish the conversation was longer.  However, I’m excited to share this amazing experience with you.  I recorded the audio from the breakfast conversation with the Clinicians and created a video.  A few parents from the So Family community submitted questions to me a few weeks ago and some of their questions were answered as well.  Make sure you click the link below and watch the video I put together just for the SO Famiy community.   Enjoy!  I hope many of your parenting questions are answered.

Parenting Questions Answered – CLICK HERE

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I advocate for children everyday. My purpose in life is to enhance the lives of children world-wide.

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