Looking to enhance your child’s library with some fun, self-esteem building, imagination boosting and creative books? Well, you’ve clicked on the right post. Over the Summer I read several new and old children’s books, many of which are independently published. I fell in love with so many, but I have 5 favorites that I’m excited to share. Some of the books were written by moms, an educator, international singer, artist and the list goes on. These authors are so talented and their bringing that talent to the pages of their books. Watch the book review below and then scroll down and click ont he links that will lead you to these books and their authors. Enjoy!



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Chloe and her Two Red Shoes – by Shanequa Davis – Can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the NYC DOE

Chupie – The Binky That Returned Home – by Thalia – Can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

 Hank Has A Dream – by Rebecca Dudley – Can be purchased on Amazon 

 Happy Hair – by Mechal Renee Roe – Can be purchased on Amazon 

Moon, Moon, Moon! Did you brush your Teeth? – by Chaneta Forts -For more information on this book and the song visit the official website, www.moonbrushyourteeth.com and there Facebook page, Click here!

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