The Back to School season has arrived. Some children are experiencing those first day jitters as you read this and some are preparing for theirs in the coming weeks. The common thread is that all of our little bright stars are heading back into the classrooms and we want them to be prepared. So, I’m sharing a few essentials that I think are necessary when starting the new school year. After all, I’ve experienced many first days of school as a teacher. Even as a teacher you get jitters and feel a great deal of excitement. Here’s how you can get the kids ready to conquer the year with confidence.

1. You Must Have a Solid Morning Plan  

We all know that getting the kids up, dressed, breakfast in their tummies and backpacks packed and on all before the first bell is extremely important for every student in every grade. Consistency is the key when it comes to this. Every household is different, but planning your morning routine with your children is key. Include them in the planning, so they will always know the expectations and understand their responsibilities. Of course this plan varies for different ages, but it still has to be solid. It just helps things to run more smoothly and take away that anxiety.

2. You Must Have a Morning Music or Dance Boost  

This is a personal favorite of mine, but a great high energy morning song or dance can get everyone in the house up and excited. It can be a song you sing to wake the kids up or a song you play on the way to school. Music always gets me going in the morning. Since I work in New York City many of my students ride the train or bus to school and their commute is when they listen to their favorite tunes that get them in a good mood.

Hey, if music isn’t your families thing, then maybe you’d rather recite poetry or a positive saying to send them off with for the day. Make this Must Have your own.

3. You Must Have a Positive Attitude

I grew up in a house where positive quotes and sayings were all around the house (in books, frames) and always repeated by my parents. Repeating those sayings helped me get through some tough days, especially in High School. As a teacher I am always positive and teach my students to challenge themselves and think of themselves as intelligent learners. Parents you can start the positive vibes from the home and they will carry over into school and your child’s learning experience.

4. You Must Have a Good Laugh or Smile

It’s always important to have a good laugh or smile during the school day. For all children you can remind them to think of learning as a fun experience. Remind older children to smile when they learn something new or finally get that math problem that was troubling them. Challenge your children to smile several times during the school day, make someone else smile and of course have a good laugh (when appropriate).

I’ve worked with students that had difficulty smiling or finding happiness in learning. If you can change their outlook at home it can carry over into school.

5. You Must Have a Love for Exploring the Unknown

Make sure you encourage your children not to fear the unknown of learning something new. It’s important they know that learning is a process that continues throughout life. Learning can be a fun process if it’s not feared and looked at as a new and exciting experience.

These are just a few of my Must Have Back to School Essentials. Equipping your child’s mind with positive thoughts about starting their school year is important in my book. What do you think are must have essentials for children when starting the school year or just starting their school day? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are any of these 5 Must Haves things you already do with your child in some shape or form? How are you preparing your child for this new school year?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  In this post I’m sharing my 5 favorite Must Have Essentials for Back to School.  


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