Tantrums are not easy for anyone. Your child is on an emotional roller coaster. Their feelings get bigger & bigger as this emotional roller coaster keeps moving. They need time to get through their emotional ride, but they also need you there to connect with them, comfort them and guide them. Easier said, then done, but possible.

Tantrums can be so embarrassing when your toddler has a tantrum in the grocery store, in Target or in any public place and everyone is starring at you as you try to shop with an emotional child. 😩😩😩

Here are 5 things to remember if your child has a tantrum in public:

  1. Stay calm! This is always number 1 in any challenging behavior situation.

  2. Ignore the public audience. This includes ignoring any comments, feedback or anything not helpful.

  3. Maintain your focus on your child and on what they need in that particular moment.

  4. If the situation becomes dangerous for your child or unbearable then remove your child form the public area or place. Sometimes leaving the current scene is best for you and your child.

  5. Abandon the cart! Don’t be afraid to abandon your shopping cart. Look, if you need to take your child out of the store or to the bathroom so they can have their moment then you leave that shopping cart right there. But if you’re worried that you’ll have to find everything again and you don’t want to leave your cart, then at least find the nearest customer service station and leave it there.




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