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Hi, I’m Monica! So happy you stopped by to visit the website.  Curious to learn more about me and the MJS Insiders Community?  Great! 

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About Me

Monica J Sutton is an early childhood educator and child behavior specialist who has created an online community, of over 800,000 people, centered around Early Childhood Education. She is also the CEO and founder of Preschool Explorers, her virtual preschool. She teaches young children both in her virtual classroom at Preschool Explorers and worldwide through her online YouTube Circle Time Videos. With a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education, Monica has spent over 20 years working directly with children of all abilities and backgrounds in both virtual and physical classrooms.

My Beliefs…

Every child deserves to be loved

Every child deserves to be understood

Every child deserves to be celebrated

It Began When…

She was a quiet little girl of 3 yrs & it was her first year of nursery school. The new teachers weren’t anything like the older women who babysat for her at home. Here the teachers had clear favorites. She knew by the way that they made fun of her that she wasn’t one of them.

She went home humiliated & afraid to talk with her mom about this awful experience, and she began yelling at her dolls. Finally, after witnessing unexplained behavior changes and a total lack of communication from the teachers, her mom withdrew her. But the damage was done.

I was that little girl. And I’ll never forget that feeling of loneliness, shame and fear as I looked out at the room from my cot while the other kids and teachers looked back at me.

Whenever I see that same look of pain in a child’s eyes, I feel it deeply. And knowing that the pain is avoidable is at the heart of my work with children today.

Luckily my next preschool teacher saw ME – as a unique individual with preferences and feelings. Instead of reprimanding me when I didn’t understand, she guided me to find my own voice. I could get help with solving problems without fear of punishment – and when I knew the answer, I could feel proud that “I did it!”

Teachers had an impact on me and played a huge role in my early educational journey. I’ve been called to do the work I do in Early Childhood Education. I’m currently impacting children through my global YouTube shows, my online preschool programs at Preschool Explorers and through pop up and live events curated for children.


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