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The Vision is the exclusive family lifestyle blog where kids rule!  Check out trending family news, kid’s product reviews, teacher talk, kids fashion and web tv.  Our goal is to create an informative but fun blog that is centered around the lifestyles of families with children.  I’m dedicated to making the lives of parents and parents-to-be a little easier by sharing information, new trends, products and more that will benefit their families.  Sign up for our weekly newsletter and stay on top of what’s hot for your young family,

 Core Values

Children are rooted in their family. I believe that family is of the upmost importance when it comes to raising your child to be the best they can be.  Love, support and joy are 3 of the most important family values. With quality time, structure, consistency and family traditions these 3 values will continue to flourish in your family. .

~Monica J~

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