It’s time for your little Preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills at home.  Alex Toys makes it easy for the little ones to have fun while practicing important developmental skills at home.  The Preschool kits from Alex Toys including the Ready, Set, Cut!, Ready, Set, Fold! and the My Giant Busy Box keeps their hands moving, creative minds flowing and fine motor skills growing.  As a teacher I really love that Alex Toys makes it easy for us to incorporate learning into fun activities and their kits come equipped with everything the child needs (scissors, glue, etc.).  Teachers and parents will enjoy introducing these products to children.  I had the opportunity to introduce these products to 4 year old preschooler Madison.  She loved everything and did not want to stop creating.  I was able to capture her hands cutting, folding, pasting and manipulating all of the pieces in the kit.  Watch our fun play day below.

Do you purchase DIY kits for your children?  How do you practice developmental skills with your children when at home?  To see the entire product line from Alex Toys visit them at  For more kids products, from games to toys jump on over to the So Family Youtube Channel, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and our site for weekly and daily updates.  Join the family!

~Monica J~
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