This weekend I took my six-year old daughter to the premeire of Ballerina Swan, a musical play based on the children’s picture book by the same name. Written by former New York City Ballet prima ballerina Allegra Kent, this heartfelt play centers on Sophie the swan, and her journey to get “her dancer’s legs” after being shooed away by a mean-spirited ballet instructor and being told that her webbed feet would never dance. As a parent, I enjoyed the positive message of believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams, no matter the obstacle. The play itself runs about 45 minutes long and uses both full dance segments to classical music and some dialogue between the three main actors and Sophie. Young children will love the clever use of costume changes and the gorgeous, giant “Sophie puppet” that is worn by actress Emily Vetsch. What my daughter enjoyed most about the show though was the level of audience participation. During the show, children are asked to get out of their seats and become part of Sophie’s dance class. Audience members learn real ballet moves and get to chant words of encouragement to Sophie. After the show, we also had the pleasure to spend some time with author Allegra Kent as well as cast members. Overall, this show would definitely be a special treat for any young dance enthusiast or ballerina-in-training in your life.

Making Books Sing has brought another children’s book to life.  Ballerina Swan is now running at Theater 3 in New York City from November 9th -24th.  The show is recommended for children ages 3-8.  For more information visit the website at Valentin-

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