Macy’s hosted a kick-off party to celebrate American Icons and all things, places and people who make us proud to live in the land of the free and home of the brave.  I attended the celebration at the Macy’s Herald Square location in New York City.  One of my favorite American Icons is Michael Jackson and Macy’s actually had a performance by the cast of Motown the Musical that evening.  The highlight of my evening was the tribute to American Fashion Icons.  This was a great family event and the best part was that it was free.

One of the American Icons celebrated was Betsey Johnson.  Betsey Johnson unveiled her new dress line at Macy’s that evening.  She’s a mom, grandmother, fashion designer, business woman and an American Icon.  I enjoyed an evening of music, fashion presentations and entertainment at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City.  Betsey introduced her new line of dresses, which are fun I have to add.  Her company went bankrupt a year ago, but that hasn’t stopped this fearless woman.  She has moved on and now is a part of the Steve Madden team.  Steve Madden purchased the Betsey Johnson company and now here she is presenting a new line of dresses.

I have a special place for Betsey in my heart because I worked for her company back in 2000 and it was my first job straight out of college.  I worked in the fabric department and was responsible for ordering fabrics, meeting vendors, pulling fabric and so much more.  I learned so much from her, but the most important things I learned was to be true to yourself and to be fearless.  Her dresses are definitely fun and colorful which are traditional Betsey Johnson.  Cheers to another mom and woman doing it big!  My Lifestylez Media team covered the event and created an amazing video that I am happy to share with you.  Check out how the Betsey party went down.


Do you like any of the dresses from the line below?  What do you think of Betsey’s style?  Do you know any women who have fallen and then came back with a bang?

~Monica J~

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