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Do you feel like you don’t know what to do?  Do you feel like you’ve heard all the facts, but are still stuck?  Are you stuck in your emotions and patterns when dealing with child behavior?  You’re not alone.  For 6 weeks we’ll have 4 Live workshops/trainings, Live Q & A’s and group challenges within our community.  You’re not alone!

If you feel overwhelmed with your child’s behavior , Better Behavior Now Live Program is for you.  

Program Dates:  December 9th – January 13th

About #BBN (Better Behavior Now) 

When’s the last time you’ve been to a workshop, a conference or a cool meetup?  Anytime you sign up for any one of those chances are you’re excited to go, you’re pumped up while you’re there, you take all the notes and then a day later you’re back to where you started.  You’re deflated, you’ve come down off of your high and now you’re stuck asking yourself “where do I even start?”

Sound familiar?

That’s what makes the Better behavior Now Live Workshop different from all the rest.  You don’t just stop after the first workshop is done.  Yes,  you’ll takes notes, feel good, feel pumped and then we continue the support and encouragement inside of our community.   You get to watch the live workshop again and again, as many times as you’d like.  Creating change in child behavior is a process.  The process can sometimes feel lonely.  I remember when I decided to change how I approached my student’s behavior.  I needed continuous support from my mentor.  I needed tips and encouragement almost daily.  I understand the importance of having that constant support.  That’s why this isn’t a one and done workshop.  It’s a community.

Just For You

Included in Workshop

  • Live Online Workshops

  • 24 hour Access To Live Workshop Replay Course outline

  • A Private Community Inside of our Online Workshop

  • 4 Total Live Workshops inside of our private group

  • Live Q & A chats in the private group

  • 6 Week Live Workshop Program

  • Video and Audio Course Options

  • Bonus – A special gift from me to you

Learn how to

  • Use your very own BBN Behavior Plan that you can use for a variety of challenging behaviors

  • Stay calm and cool when your child doesn’t listen

  • Stop Shouting & Yelling When Your Child’s Behavior Is Unacceptable

  • Guide your child to stop hitting, biting or pushing

  • Understand your child’s behavior and needs in challenging moments

  • Respond to your child based on their behavior

Workshop Highlights

4 Live Workshops:

  1. Behavior Plan Framework – your roadmap to better behavior

  2. Different Behaviors Different Responses – every challenging behavior can’t be corrected witht he same strategy

  3. Everyday Implementation – review several behavior situations with real stories about real people

  4. Special Guest Training with Reward’ums Founder – learn how to use the Reward’um Routine Starter Kit at home with your littles and the benefits of implementing it


Parent Testimonials

Monica, I have a praise report!!! OMG, you are amazing.  Just the few gems you have shared have really been working!  For starts I’ve been positively correcting. SO instead of saying no or stop i think about the action I want him to do and say that instead.  It’s really been helping him.  There’s no negativity around what I’m telling him anymore and he seems to be responding better to that.  I’m so thankful for you helping us.


No words can ever express how grateful we were for having you as a teacher and consultant. You are the best and let it be known we love you. We are so thankful for all that you have done. Thank, thank you, thank you!


Great webinar. As a mom and teacher I really appreciate learning about this and look forward to becoming a better parent and teacher for my students. Super excited to learn better ways to  UNDERSTANDING my son’s emotions and behaviors. Your tips are EVERYTHING. LIFE CHANGING. I look forward to more videos.


How to Watch Our Workshops Live

Watch it on your desktop, laptop or any mobile device.  Make sure you download the Zoom app or software, so you can watch it with ease.

Just listen via audio and take lots of notes. Bring your pens, bring your paper and get to work.  It’s time for some changes around here.

Watch it outside of the house. It’s best to rid yourself of distraction and have some time to yourself.  Go to your favorite coffee shop, pizza joint or cupcake shop.




It’s important to guide your child through the difficult behavior, but before you can do that I want to give you some tools to make those challenging days a little easier.  

Early Bird Pricing

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Get Better Behavior Now

6 Week Program:

December 9th – January 13th

Live workshops, live Q & A’s, private community, group challenges, continuous support and room for growth.

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