Today is World Humanitarian Day. How will you leave your mark on the world? This years theme is “I Was Here”, which happens to be the title to one of Beyonce’s songs. It’s actually, in my eyes, the perfect theme and message for World Humanitarian Day. Recognizing those who help others around the world is extremely important, because it helps the world see that there are good people out there. There are good people who risk there lives or face adversity to help others. Millions of people help others every day and their acts of kindness and love go unnoticed sometimes. So, what better way to give a voice to those special people by celebrating them on this very important day, World humanitarian Day.

Beyonce, the singer, actress, new mommy and humanitarian herself  is playing a very special role in this years theme by lending her voice and celebrity to promote this day. She was a part of an event at the UN General Assembly in new York on August 10th. Beyonce along with the UN want us to be inspired to leave our mark on the world. Do something good in your neighborhood and then place a pin on the map. Join this special cause by visiting the WHD website at

Are you inspired to do good? How do you give back to others who are in need? Do you currently give your time to your community, an organization, school or person? Will you leave your mark on the World and say “I Was Here”?

~Monica J~


Watch Beyonce’s performance at the UN General Assembly Below:

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