Put on your creative caps, get ready to build, explore, problem solve and of course have fun!  This weeks favorites promote all of those amazing skills and so much more.  I’m happy to introduce two products with amazing concepts.  A plus is that both of these products have fun and skills built into them.  It’s Goldie Blox and Zoob Glow Dinos! I think Goldie Blox has found a special place in the homes of many girls.  Their read and build along concept allows for girls to not only have fun but they build strong reading skills, prompts problem solving (especially when Goldie runs into a problem in the book) and encourages girls to build.  I enjoyed exploring the Goldie Blox and the Parade Float kit with my 8 year old niece.  She loved reading the story and building exactly how Goldie was in the story.  However, she got frustrated when some of her pieces wouldn’t connect properly.  I actually used her period of frustration as a learning experience.  I encouraged her to push past her frustration and try again until she was able to get it.  This was great auntie and mini time.  I’m always down for a read-a-long.

I introduced the Zoob Glow Dinos, a brand that comes from Alex Brands, one of our favorite trusted children’s brands.  I had the chance to actually play with the Zoob Glow Dinos pieces myself.  The way they easily snap together and move after connected was an A+ in my book.  During a So Family PlayDay event kids had so much fun exploring, building and creating dinosaurs with this kit.  The kit comes with instructions on how to build certain dinosaurs, however some children opted not to follow them.  There was one boy who was 5 at the event and he just fell in love with the Zoob pieces.  He was unable to follow the instructions because he didn’t have the patience to build step by step.  The recommended age is 6, so that’s understandable.  He was eager to build his own huge dinosaur structure, which his sister had to help him carry.  I took a few pictures of the fun during the building process and after.

Is your family ready to build now?  If you loved one or both of these products you can find out all of the purchasing information on Amazon.  Click here for Goldie Blox on Amazon.  Click here for Zoob Glow Dinos on Barnes & Noble.  For more information on Golide Blox visit their website, www.goldieblox.com.  Visit the Zoob Glow Dinos website, www.alexbrands.com.

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~Monica J~

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Goldie Blox – Goldie Blox and the Parade Float


Children showing off their Zoob Glow Dinos creation – So Fmaily PlayDay

Zoob- Glow-Dinos


Zoob Glow Dinos – Alex Brands