Private Practice star and celebrity dad Taye Diggs shares a morning moment at the breakfast table with his 3 1/2 year old son Walker in their new “Got Milk” ad.  He’s teamed up with Kellogg’s and Got Milk? to help in sharing 1 million breakfasts with children who otherwise may go without.  Research shows that one in five children go without the most important start to any day, breakfast.  The Kellogg’s Share Breakfast program has a goal of reaching 1 million children and sharing breakfast with them.  Taye Diggs believes in the program and is doing his part in promoting this mission.

As a teacher, I realize how extremely important it is for children to start their day with breakfast.  It gives them energy and allows them to focus on their lessons instead of on their hunger pains.  So, I am happy to share this program and celebrate Taye Diggs for being a part of it.  Watch what this celebrity dad has to say about it.

Now let’s do our part by sharing, tweeting, pinning or watching and Kellogg’s will share one breakfast from us.  You can find out more information and be a part of this great mission by visiting the Share Breakfast site.

~Monica J~