The story of Maia Campbell and her fall from grace is powerful. She’s a mom of a 12 year girl and she’s slowly picking up the pieces of her life that fell apart years ago. We watched her grow up on the hit show “In the House” with LL Cool J and Debbie Allen back in the 90’s and then we watched her fall from grace years later. Viral youtube videos helped tarnish her reputation which was already suffering because of her bipolar disorder and her substance abuse issues. She’s also the daughter of the late Bebe Moore, famed author, who died from brain cancer in 2006.

It definitely takes courage to appear in front of cameras, with Iyanla Vanzant (OWN Network), and own your true life story. Maia recently appeared on Iyanla’s OWN show this past weekend in an episode called “Fix My Fallen Star,” where she discussed where she is in her life now and how she got there. She also shares the heart break of a mother who lost custody of her child due to her in ability to provide a safe home for her daughter.

A heartbreaking story but a powerful life lesson. it’s never too late to start your life again and create new chapters in your personal book of life. I believe in this mom and I believe that she has the capability to lead her life in a positive direction and build the much needed relationship with her daughter.

Do you believe that anyone in any circumstance can re-build their life? Do you know anyone who suffers from bi-polar disorder?

~Monica J~