Celebrity Mom and talk show host Wendy Williams shows her support against animal cruelty by posing nude for PETA.  She would “rather go naked than wear fur.”  In her PETA interview she said, “As a talk show host where everything has to be so covered up, I welcomed the reason to go naked.”   Ms. Williams used to wear minks and fox fur all the time, but she has clearly changed her belief on fur.  She stated that, “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let animals keep theirs.”

PETA is currently partnering with New Jersey shelters to give coats to the homeless, many of whom have been displaced after Hurricane Sandy.  Ms. Williams is asking that those who have old fur coats donate them to the homeless, so they will be used for a good cause.

Watch her PETA interview below.  What are your personal thoughts on wearing fur?  Do you view the making of fur coats, etc. as animal cruelty?

~Monica J~

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