Celebrity mom Alicia Keys can now add shoe designer to her long list of hats she wears.  This past Friday her new sneaker line, with Reebok, was revealed to the public.  Many of us may remember the classic reeboks from the 90’s, well now Ms. Keys is bringing them back with her own unique designs.  There isn’t a release date for them yet, but I’m itching to see what you all think of them and if you will pick up a pair once they are available in stores.  Maybe I can wear them to my Zumba classes since one pair is definitely designed with Ms. Key’s music inspiration.

There are different designs and styles in the line of sneakers.  She has a two different packs of sneakers.  One pack is called the tribal pack and the other is called the stud pack (see images below).  Both packs have a mixture of the classic high top reebok style and the low cross trainer style.  What’s your favorite style (high top or cross trainer)?

So, what do you think of the new sneaker line from Alicia Keys?  Can you wear these around town or to the gym?

~Monica J~



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