5 Tips for Having Cheap Family Fun by So family

Summer time activities shouldn’t always put a dent in your wallet. It’s easier then you think to find cheap activities around your community or nearby. It’s important to show your children that fun can be had by spending little to no money at all. Get creative, do a little searching and get the kids involved in finding fun on the cheap. Here are some quick tips to get you started .

1. Get Outside and Enjoy Mother Nature – There are so many great activities you can enjoy outside without spending a dime. Try some of these ideas in your neighborhood; Park Play Day, Picnic (use the food from the refrigerator), Scavenger Hunt, Sprinklers, Public Pools, Public Beaches

2. Head to the Local Library – Public libraries offer free activities and events throughout the week. Many libraries have story time on particular days during the week and sometimes on the weekend. You can not only borrow books at the library you can also rent movies and make it a family movie night at home. Check your local library’s schedule.  Many bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble even offer story time (check store events).

3. Free Summer Concerts – It’s summertime and there are plenty of free concerts being held in local parks and venues. Take advantage of these great events near you. For more information on free concerts do a search online for concerts near you, check your local paper and ask around.

4. Petting Zoo’s & Zoo Family Day’s – Petting Zoo’s are usually a few dollars and great for the little one’s. They will have a chance to be up close to the animals, pet them and even feed them. Some zoo’s have family day or free admission days. Check your local zoo and find out what they offer.

5. Local Craft or Educational Store – Craft stores, such as Michael’s, offers free crafts for kids, teens and adults. You can also find free craft activities at Educational stores such as Lakeshore. If you have a Lakeshore or Michael’s near you check their websites or give them a call for craft days and hours. Don’t hesitate to call family friendly craft or toy stores in your community and find out what special events they have scheduled.

Enjoy your summer with your family!

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