Christina Milian was on Good Morning America yesterday and she opened up about sharing parenting duties with her ex-husband.  Her recent guest editor appearance on Momtastic is where the singer and mommy first shared 5 tips on co-parenting.  She recieved such an overwhelming response that she agreed to share her tips with all of America on GMA.  I’ve been a Christinia Milian fan for years and after she became a mommy I believe her superstar status when up in my book.  She shares her love for her daughter on Instagram and you can see tehir special connection.  I think it’s wonderful that she shared her personal story and co-parenting journey with the world.  Co-Parenting is not easy and often hits a lot bumps in the road of many parents.  It’s important to hear the stories of those going through it, even when they are celebrities.  Click the image below to be redirected to the video of Milian on GMA.  Enjoy!

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own, Monica J.  I was not compensated to write this post. 

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