Hey Ladies!  It’s always exciting to check out new products and then bring all the details back to you.  And that’s exactly what I did last week when I attended Cosmo’s Summer Splash event at Hudson Terrace in NYC.  I enjoy reading Cosmopolitan magazine so, when I heard about their summer splash event I was excited to attend.  There were beauty and beverage products to try and even a mini-mani station set-up for a little fun.

So, let’s talk about the new products that I found.  Every female needs some “girl time” and some of these products can be a great addition to that time.  Moms, especially, always need a little break and a ladie’s night would be the perfect solution.  The Skinny Girl cocktail line has everything you need to have the perfect ladies night.  The line offers wine, mixed drinks and vodka options.  The best part is that all of the  beverages in this line are low in calories.

Now if you’re a lady that doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages, then the new line of Crystal Lights Mocktails are perfect for you.  They currently have two flavors, margarita and appletini.  My favorite is the margarita.  It’s a Mocktail, the perfect drink without the liquor.

Beauty products anyone?  So, there were a few beauty products that were funky, fun and trendy.  So, if you’re staying on top of the trends then you’ll enjoy these products.  Splat was in the house with their easy to use and washable hair color that comes in the most vibrant colors.  Just in case you don’t want to actually color your hair with their vibrant colors, then you can just clip in their funky hair extensions.  Their products will definitely make you the center of attention at the next ladies night.  The gift bag even had a few extras that weren’t on display.  I received a cool set of Kiss Nails sticker designs for your nails.  I will definitely be using the nail art and of course I’ll share my experience with you all.  I have a zebra print, so i know I’ll have fun wearing those.

Check out any of the above products at their home websites:

Cosmopolitan Magazine – http://www.cosmopolitan.com

Skinny Girl Cocktails – http://www.skinnygirlcocktails.com

Splat Hair Color – http://www.splathaircolor.com

Crystal Light – http://www.kraftbrands.com/crystallight/

Kiss Nails – http://www.kissusa.com








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