My work in child behavior is centered on understanding and connection.  If you’ve ever checked out my about page you will see that I truly believe every child deserves to be understood, loved and celebrated.

At the center of my belief is Connection.  When you take the time to understand your child’s feelings and behavior or take the time to celebrate them, you are also connecting with them. Fostering connection between parent and child is so important, especially when it comes to understanding your child’s behaviors.

While browsing Instagram one day I came across an amazing journal called, Loom Journals.  I actually thought it was your everyday journal, but it’s more than that.  It’s a journal about connection, the parent and child connection.

I’m sharing more about this journal and why I love it in the video below.  

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Disclaimer:  I was gifted my very own Loom Journal for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions on this blog post and in the video are my own.