So Family attended the Evenflo Car Seat event and was introduced to their new ProComfort Protection series and their SureSafe System line of car seats.  After talking to the Evenflo rep and getting an up close and personal look and feel of the new car seats I was impressed.  It feels good to know that Evenflo is taking the time out to listen to the needs of parents that use car seats daily.  After reviewing the benefits of the new lines of car seats, with my sister-in-law, I’m eager to share it with all of you.

My sister in-law is a new mom of an 8 week old, by the way my niece is so cute.  One of her biggest concerns has already been the comfort of Baby S while in the car seat.  She’s had to really work on keep her turning around and car seat adjusting to a minimum in order to stay safe while driving.  The Evenflo ProComfort series was designed with this exact reason in mind.  They asked Target what moms felt they were lacking in car seat design and they received an answer.  COMFORT was one of the biggest concerns of moms.  It’s important for moms to keep their eyes on the road when driving and of course every child deserves to be comfortable for long and short rides.  Check out some of the benefits of the ProComfort Protection series below.

Another challenge that parents face is the installation of the car seat.  Have you ever incorrectly installed a car seat?  I know I have.  Evenflo recognizes this challenge that’s faced by many families, so they have introduced the new SureSafe System.  This new system reduces incorrect installation by 50%.  Review some of the benefits of this system below.  To learn more about all of the Evelflo Car Seats please visit their website,

ProComfort Protection Series:

* Exclusively available at Target now

* ProComfort Protection Car Seat Models – Evenflo Symphony & Triumph

* Prevents the build-up of pressure points, which creates discomfort over time

* Maintains proper seating ergonomics

* Provides baby with long-term and short-term comfort, making both a run to the grocery store or a 

   family road trip more enjoyable


SureSafe System:

* Available exclusively at Walmart beginning in August

* SureSafe Car Seat Models – Evenflo Symphony & Triumph

* LATCH guides, which act like a tunnel making it a cinch to find your vehicles lower anchors

* Quick Connector LATCH to reduce misuse by 50%

* Buckle pockets for added innovation and safety

~Monica J~

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I attended the Eveflo event for review purposes.  All facts about the car seats come from Evenflo