Do you wake up on the weekend and wonder what am I going to do with my kids? Are you sitting at home trying to plan culturally rich and diverse experiences for your family? Do you live in the New York City area or planning a visit in the next few months? If you answered, yes, to any of those questions then I have the perfect solution. Get ready to enjoy the family-friendly season of Just Kidding at Symphony Space in NYC. It’s a season of family-friendly music, theatre, dance and so much more. Their shows are infused with cultural riches and inspiring experiences that will positively impact your children.

I personally experienced one of these shows a few weeks ago. I had the privilege of attending the Lightwire show, which was an amazing light show version of The Ugly Duckling story. It not only kept the children engaged and sitting on the edge of their seat, but it had me amazed. The fact that they were able to put on a glow in the dark light show with creatively created light characters was pure amazement. I suggest every family with children ages 4-8 check out the show whenever it comes back. 

There are always benefits for your children when they are introduced to new experiences. Live shows, specifically, introduce children to new vocabulary, understanding and reading character’s emotions, patience, plots and the confidence to imagine. You’ll know if your children are empowered by their experience when you listen to their conversation and watch their play. Believe me when I say, there’s nothing like a love show experience and Symphony Space is making that possibly for families. Their Just Kidding family season is now through May 2017. For their full calendar visit 

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. My mission is to empower children to become their best selves in school and in life.