Happy Weekly Favorites Wednesday!  Hope you’re ready to check out some more amazing products for kids and the entire family.  Does your family enjoy game nights on the weekends or during the week?  I’m excited to introduce two games that I think will be the perfect additions to family game nights everywhere.  Say hello to Word Speed and uKloo.  Both of these games are centered around literacy skills, such as spelling, reading, solving riddles and problem-solving.  These games will keep you laughing, smiling, shouting and fully engaged.  Word Speed is from IDEAl games, which is a part of the Alex Brands family.  Ukloo Riddle Edition is the second game from the uKloo treasure hunt games.  I chose these two games as my favorites for this weeks Weekly Favorites with Monica J.  Watch the episode now and find out what I love most about them.  I can’t wait to read what you think.



Do you purchase games for Family Game Night?  Do your children enjoy playing together as a family?  To see the entire product line from Alex Brands visit them at www.alexbrands.com.  To see the entire product line from uKloo visit them here, www.ukloo.com.  For more kids products, from games to toys jump on over to the So Family Youtube Channel,  www.youtube.com/sofamilyonline. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and our site for weekly and daily updates.  Join the family!

~Monica J~

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This is Word Speed from IDEAL games, which is a part of the Alex Brands family.

This uKloo the fun Riddle Game which send kids on a treasure hunt around the house.

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