Boys will always be boys, but now they don’t only like to run, jump and play but they like to look stylish while doing it.  There are such great brands out there that will keep your boys in style and definitely on trend.  So, where can you find the most stylish and cool brands for boys?  The Louis B Boutique carries brands that will keep your boys looking fresh like they’ve just stepped out of an ad.  One thing that you can be sure of when shopping at the Louis B Boutique is that the clothing is mommy approved.  This hip new online destination was founded and is run by a mom, Simone Gittens.  She is mommy to her own little boy, who is oh soooo cute.

I had the opportunity to chat with Simone and find out more about this online destination for boys apparel.

So family: I know you were inspired by your son to open the online boutique, so what do you look for when selecting clothes for his wardrobe?

Louis B (Simone): When selecting clothes, I really look for quality of the clothing and the styles. There is no particular style that we go for here at Louis B. We want to accommodate each boys style. However, when speaking with my customers, I usually see that finding pants can be the hardest thing when shopping for boys. I never truly experienced it myself since my son is still young, however because of his growth sprout I now find myself searching high and low for great pants. No khaki’s and jeans, but something fun like plaid, seersucker linen which we are featuring this Spring/Summer, great skinny sweats.

So family:  Do you hand select all of the items that are for sale in the boutique?

Louis B (Simone):  I do all of the buying myself. Sometimes I drag my husband to the showrooms with me and he helps out, but generally I am a one man team.

So family:  What do you look for in clothing and accessories when selecting for the Louis B Boutique?

Louis B (Simone):  I look for originality, quality, and sometimes I may follow trends but I tend to mix it up a bit.

So family:  What can shoppers expect when shopping at the Louis B Boutique?

Louis B (Simone):  They can expect a one to one shopping experience. I am so committed to making Louis B the number one online destination for boys clothes that I respond to emails within an hour unless I am sleep, and most of the time the phone is hidden under my pillow so I can email when my husband falls asleep. LOL. Even though, we are an online boutique, I want my customers to feel like they just had the best shopping experience of their life and that starts with exceptional customer service.

So family:  Is there anything you’d like shoppers, especially moms, to know about the Louis B boutique?

Louis B (Simone): I would like them to know, that I am committed to bringing the best clothes for boys that I can find. I am constantly looking to bring new brands to the boutique. This Spring/Summer we have added 4 new brands that I am sure they will love. I also thank them in advance for shopping at Louis B.


Are you excited to explore the Louis B Boutique?  Are your boys involved in picking out their clothes?  Do you enjoy dressing your children in stylish clothing?  To check out this online destination visit the online boutique,

~Monica J~


The Louis B Boutique even carries the coolest accessories to complete your stylish boy’s looks.


Here are a few of my favorites for your stylish boys from Louis B.  All of my picks are available on

Get ready for Spring 2013, because Louis B will have a lot in store (online) for all fashionable boys.  From tuxedo blazers to apparel driven by music, art and street culture (munster kids).