Are your children rocking the latest in global clothing? Clothing with culturally rich prints and unique designs will have your kids setting their own trends. If that’s what you’re looking for then say hello to Isossy Children, the forerunner in global clothing for kids. They design clothing for children ages 2-12yrs. They have original styles for children, that they’re known for, such as print pant suits and print rich dresses for girls.

I fell in love with the dresses for girls. I appreciate the passion put into picking the right prints with bold colors and the passion that goes into each individually designed piece. As a teacher, I like the children’s zone section on the website.  There are different characters that are diverse and there is even a dress-up section for kids to explore and have fun with.  The founder and designer of Isossy Children Amanda Rabor has over 15 years in the fashion Industry. She runs Isossy Children from London and has made it accessible world-wide.

I had a chance to speak with Amanda about the Isossy brand.  Check out what she said below.

Monica J:  What inspired you to create Isossy Children?

Amanda:  For me Isossy Children is a calling. It’s a creative calling but far more than that, it’s a calling to promote diversity and global clothing for kids. We incorporate African, Asian and Western cultures to create contemporary clothing that all children can wear. The inspiration is transcending cultural barriers and opening it up for all children. I believe it’s empowering for children to see African prints in their day-to-day expression and in turn it promotes inclusion and understanding. That is what I hope Isossy Children can contribute to the upcoming generations.

Monica J:  Do you design all of the pieces in the line? What do you look for when choosing fabric for your designs?

Amanda:  I do design all the pieces. The design process has been very important to me as it’s a reflection of my creativity and growth. I try to choose fabrics that are child friendly yet dynamic is some way. I use a lot of African Ankara designs from West Africa. I also use batiks from Thailand and India. I love using Indian silks for Isossy Occasion which is our dress up collection. And I use jersey’s for our AW collections. I’m really loving the jersey influence. Most of the fabrics are cotton or silk. One of the things that makes us soooo unique is the fact that we do limited edition print pieces on our website.

Monica J:  How would you describe the Isossy child?

Amanda:  To me every child is an Isossy child. I say this because our collections have something for all kids. We’ve worked really hard to create a line that kids can identify with in terms of fashion and styling. We’ve created different collections, Isossy Play, Isossy Classic, Isossy Occasion, Isossy Tween and Isossy Boy. The idea is that the personality of the child will be drawn to one of the collections. We’ve actually created 3 little characters around the collections on our kidszone which can be found on our website too. They are partly about promoting positivity diversity and learning.

Monica J:  Where can Isossy Children currently be purchased?

Amanda:  Isossy is available online globally. We sell all over the world. That’s what I love about the internet. It opens up everything to everyone. I termed this the ‘make it happen year’ and that’s exactly what we are doing. We’ve attended the Circle of Sisters in NY in 2011 and last year we were at ENK children’s trade show. It’s just a matter of time before we are in select US stores.

Monica J:  What would you like shoppers, especially parents, to know about Isossy?

Amanda:  Isossy Children is a brand that believes in and promotes family values. That’s why I was attracted to Sofamilyonline. We believe in kids being kids and being allowed to be kids through the clothes they wear. We also offer you something different. We’ve been described as a little ‘off-center’ and I love that description of us. We want to do something alternative and diverse. At the moment each item if clothing is hand-made. That’s special. That’s what we offer parents and children.

From the Isossy Children Website:

ISOSSY CHILDREN is a celebration of colour, vivacity, global influences and fashion.

Do you purchase unique clothing for your children?  What’s your favorite design from the Isossy Children’s clothing featured in today’s post?

~Monica J~

 Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J. We were not compensated to write this review.