It’s Fashion Friday! I am so excited to announce that one of my favorite online kid’s boutique, which used to be exclusively for boys, has recently introduced their girls collection. Introducing Louis B for Girls. You may remember a few months ago I interviewed the mom behind the online boutique (Read Louis B Interview) and she told me about her inspiration behind the boutique, which was her son. Now that she’s launched the new girls collection, I wonder if her recent delivery of a baby girl was her inspiration behind the new addition.

I love the cool style that the Louis B Boutique represents for boys, so I’m sure the girls collection will not disappoint. The boutique always carries exclusive brands that you won’t find at your local department store. I’m currently crushing on the Beyond Print Skirt and the Issac Mizrahi Leopard Shirt for girls. You can see pics of my crushes below. I will continue to follow this collection to see what pieces they will add to the girls collection as the seasons change.

If you and your kids are into fashion, individual style and exclusive brands then make sure you head over to the Louis B Boutique.  View the girls collection and shop at the Louis B Boutique by visiting their site, What are your favorite girls designers? Do you enjoy shopping online or in stores?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J. I was not compensated to write this review.

Beyond Print Skirt

Issac Mizrahi Leopard

NO 2 Corduroy