I was browsing Pinterest, one of my favorite sites, looking for kids costumes and I stumbled upon DIY costumes from Purl Soho.  They are a very unique yarn shop in New York City whose goal was to create a friendly yarn shop where people could gather and share each other’s creativity.  Creativity is definitely what you find just by browsing on their site. I don’t sew, crochet or knit but visiting their site inspires me to Create.

So, of course they have DIY costumes for kids.  I saw a pin on pinterest of one of their kid’s costumes and it’s the cutest costume ever.  The two costumes I’m showing below are the Yellow Daisy PIxie Halloween Costume and the Pink Peony Pixie Halloween Costume.  They are so sweet and I know little girls would love them.  If I had a daughter I definitely think I would jump at the opportunity to make a costume.  At least I’d try my best. 🙂

Please tell me your thoughts on these costumes.  Are you a crafter or DIY kind of person?  Would you attempt to make a costume for your child or a family member?

~Monica J~

Photo Credit: PurlSoho.comPink Peony Pixie Halloween Costume

Photo Credit:  PurlSoho.comYellow Daisy Pixie Halloween Costume