Another Fashion Friday has rolled around and I’m talking about overalls baby! Who can remember way back to childhood when you had denim overalls? Back then they weren’t so fashionable, but now Overall Baby has changed that and changed the perception of overalls forever. We can thank Jenny Kim, the founder and designer of the cutest overalls and skirtalls for babies and toddlers. I met Jenny back in 2011 at the Brooklyn Baby Expo, where she was showing her line of fashionable overalls. That was when I fell in love with Overall Baby. You can check out my review from 2011 here, Brooklyn Baby Expo Video.

Well, Jenny hasn’t stopped creating amazing pieces for your little ones. She’s even added Skirtalls to the line. The skirtalls are so adorable. If you have a little girl then this is a must have item for her wardrobe. The overalls and skirtalls last a long time because they are adjustable. Babies and toddlers outgrow clothing so quickly, so having the ability to adjust the straps and get a longer wear out of the item is Super. Would you agree? you can view the entire line at Warning you may fall in love with the bright colored prints.

Do you dress your kids in overalls? can you remember wearing overalls when you were a child? Do you normally look for clothing that have an ability to last over a long period of time?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J. I was not compensated to write this review.


Aren’t these prints just adorable? The classic overall has style now!

Check out the skirtalls available at

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