I am so excited to feature Ode clothing for girls on today’s Fashion Friday post. A couple of years ago the most beautiful dresses, with gorgeous prints and colors, caught my attention at a fashion trade show. I walked over to have a closer look and met two sister Rupa and Amisha who had recently launched their clothing line Ode. The prints were simply amazing and colors were perfect. I wished I had a little girl at that moment, so I could dress her up in all the pieces from their collection.

For the Spring 2013 collection the sisters partnered with Indego Africa, which helps employ and train women entrepreneurs at the Cococki cooperative in Rwanda.   Ode created four skirts from the Dutch wax prints found in Rwanda.  You can see two of the skirts below.  The dresses that you find are pieces of perfection. You can view a few of my favorites from their current collections below. I had a chance to catch up with one of the sisters, Rupa, and ask her few questions about Ode and what shoppers will experience when shopping on odekids.com.

Monica:  It is so nice to see sisters working together to deliver such a beautiful line. Was it important for the two of you to create this line together as sisters?

Rupa:  We really did want to do something together since we have such a close relationship and had been considering several other ideas. This was the first one that really sang to us as it brought together so much that was important to us as a family and evoked our childhood together.

Monica J:  I know your childhood was one of the inspirations behind this line. What inspires you now to continue creating new collections?

Rupa:  I would definitely say my daughter’s childhood and our niece, Lara, and all of the other beautiful little girls in our lives. We see them navigating some of the same multicultural issues we did a generation ago and see how important it is for us to create new collections that reflect the rich diversity in our society.

Monica J:  Do both of you design all of the pieces in each collection?

Rupa:  We collaborate on the line, and even little Arya has a lot of input. Amisha has the flexibility to travel, find amazing textiles and work with our production unit in Jaipur. We then usually work over skype to put the finishing touches on designs that we dreamed up in New York. I was so excited to join for a few weeks in India this past December with little Arya for designing Fall 2013.

Monica J:  What is most important when creating each piece in a collection (prints, comfort, quality, etc.)?

Rupa:  The most important thing for us is to create something that is unique, high quality and comfortable for little girls. We have had so many customers tell us that their daughters don’t want to take off the dresses b/c they get a sense of how special they are and feel totally comfortable sleeping in them!

Monica J:  What can shoppers expect when shopping on odekids.com?

Rupa:  Shoppers can expect to find great gifts for little girls in their lives. Each piece is unique and tells a story. To enhance their shopping experience, we encourage everybody to download our iPad app which has a lot more content for globetoddlers on the artisan groups we work with and the countries where we source our artisanal textiles.

Monica J:  Is there anything you’d like shoppers, especially moms, to know about Ode?

Rupa:  Ode is a great way for little ones to get a sense of their place in the world and to understand the importance of celebrating difference. By supporting ode, moms should know they are supporting and employing women around the world. Our base collection is made in a woman-owned factory in India. Shruti, our production partner, is a proud mother of two breaking typical barriers in India for women entrepreneurs by starting her own factory. Our capsule collections, like this season’s skirts from Indego Africa, are all produced by socially responsible groups that invest in entrepreneurship training for the women artisans. Mothers should band together to help one another across the globe.

To view the entire collection from Ode, please visit their site at www.odekids.com.  Do you dress your daughters or nieces in classic dresses for girls?  Do the girls in your life enjoy wearing dresses?  Which one of the dresses from Ode catches your attention?

~Moncia J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J. I was not compensated to write this review.