Hey it’s Fashion Friday and I want to know, “What’s your family’s street style?”  Do you have a fabulous family or what I like to call a Fab Family?  Do you enjoying dressing yourself and your little ones in the latest trendy designs?  Does your family have their own style?  Whatever your family’s style desire we want to see it.   So family wants to post your stylish pics on our Fab Family Fashion page (here on the blog).  The Fab Family page will launch on Monday!  Can’t wait to see your family’s style.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at fabfamily@sofamilyonline.com.  If you’re ready to start showing off your family’s street style please send us your photos today!  For more information and details on our Fab Family section on the site please click here and show off your Fab Family today!

~Monica J~


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