This week I posted on Instagram and said, “I will forever be a student.”

It’s so true. Yes, I’m a teacher, but I am always learning. Honestly children teach me new things all of the time. I especially learn from them when I introduce a lesson and they immediately let me know whether they like it or not. Children are so honest.

I also seek out workshops, events, courses and trainings in the space of Early Childhood Education. Recently I collaborated with ChildCare Education Institute and had the opportunity to take a few of their courses.

Who’s the ChildCare Education Institute?  I did a video talking all about CCEI and some of the benefits they offer those in the childcare space.

However, I truly believe everyone and anyone should learn more about early childhood. Courses like one of my favorites, Birth to Five: Child Development in Young Children, provides so much information about child development. It can answer questions that you may have about your child’s development.

If you’re interested in learning more Head to their website.

I love sharing resources in our community. Hope this is helpful for those interested in childcare or just wanting to learn more about early childhood education and more.