Calling all basketball fans!  My favorite two kid reporters were out and about and bumped into a basketball superstar.   Tristin and Tyler, the two adorable city kids that are on a mission to save the earth, had the chance to interview Carmelo Anthony.  They even had a chance to go behind the scenes at his new Kids Foot Locker commercial.  Looks like they had fun because they were all smiles.

The superstar dad even revealed in the interview that he has a new kids line coming out soon.  I’ll be on the look out for that.  Hopefully his line will carry some cool sneakers and t-shirts for kids.

~Monica J~


Watch their interview in full below.  For  more fun videos from Tristin and Tyler visit their website.

That’s Tyler interviewing Carmelo Anthony.  Love his glasses and Melo loves them too.

There’s Tristin and Tyler spending time with Melo. They are the coolest reporters.


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