Happy Friday! It’s Fashion Friday and it’s a gingham explosion. I’ve always loved gingham and seersucker too, but kids rock the gingham look the best. Well, at least I think so. You can always find an adorable gingham piece for a baby or a school-aged child. I pulled a few of my favorite gingham pieces for kids and babies and created a collage below.

Summer is the perfect season for gingham. Its not only stylish for the kids to wear, but they can also add a pop of gingham in their rooms. The Land of Nod has a selection of gingham kids decor. Check out the cute pillow below.

Are your kids rocking gingham this Summer? If so how are they wearing it and what are they wearing? Don’t you just love a gingham dress for little girls? Do you have any favorites below? Share your thoughts on today’s Fashion Friday picks. Enjoy your weekend!

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J. I was not compensated to write this review.

1. The Land of Nod – Gingham Hot Pink Breezy Gingham Euro Sham – $19.95

2. Macys – Request Gingham Shirts for Boys – Out of Stock

3. United Colors of Benneton – Polka/Gingham Capris – $34.90

4. Ralph Lauren – Little Girls Gingham Dress

5. Cienta – Kids Shoes – $32.99

6. Target – Gerber Newborn Boys Gingham Sneaker – $8.99



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