A few weeks ago I was invited to the WonderMind Kids event.  WonderMind Kids is a multi-sensory program that focuses on child development.  It’s actually the number one child development program in Japan.  Now it’s landed in America and you get the first look at all that it can do.  It’s every teacher’s dream to attend events for new developmental programs and to test the products.  So, I was definitely excited to get my hands on the program and test it out with my students.  Using the product is the best part and my students and I had loads of fun.


What I love about this program is that it promotes involvement from both the child and the parent.  We know families have busy schedules and parents are swamped with “to do list”, but this program brings the parent/child learning connection back.  Parent involvement in a child’s development is priceless.  So, let’s say hello to the WonderMind Learning System.


When I introduced the program to a group of 4 students (ages 4 -5), they were excited to say the least.  They instantly fell in love with Teegy  the WonderMind cartoon character.  Along with the kit came a Teegy puppet and I was able to use it to start the lesson and open them up to a new adventure.  I like to call all my lessons adventures.  We then worked on the first lesson, which covered an adventure with sea creatures.  This lesson was filled with questions from the kids which sparked a curiosity about what was to come.  The program definitely requires involvement and excitement from the parent as well, because that will stem more engagement from children.  At the end of the lesson they were able to tell me things that they remembered from the lesson.


This is definitely a program worth trying out and introducing to your preschooler or toddler.  Best of all WonderMind Kids is giving away one summer kit (ages 4-5) right here on Sofamilyonline.com.


Below is a picture of the Summer Adventure Kit for ages 4-5

Photo Credit: WonderMind Kids Website


 Here’s a pic of  WonderMind Products on display at the event.