The back to school season is in full swing.  Along with school buses, backpacks, and new teachers comes lunch.  What are your kids eating for lunch?  Are they using a lunch box, paper bag or the new craze the bento box?  Parents always have the task of making a healthy lunch for their kids or making sure the school serves healthy lunch options.  I remember the days that my mother packed a cheese sandwich and some grapes and I was super excited.  I still love cheese sandwiches to this day, maybe because I’ve always loved cheese.  But, today’s parent is making cute sandwiches in the shape of characters and objects, like pencils (see the images below).  How do parents keep up with these new lunch box trends?  Do they even have the time?  I believe in healthy options for kids but is there a way to make a kid friendly healthy lunch that doesn’t take too much effort?

Well, don’t fear because there are a few books out there that teach you how to take healthy food and make it into a healthy kid friendly lunch.  Oh,and the cuteness of these lunches just don’t stop.  Two books that I’ve seen floating around several blogs and websites are The Lunch Box and Good Food to Go.

Do you make your children’s lunch?  Do you make healthy kid friendly lunches?  What are some basic things you always add to your kid’s lunch box?

~Monica J~

Photo Credits:  Dr. Perrone, Pinterest,  Slow Food USA

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