Happy 4th of July from So Family!  The Fourth is seriously one of my favorite holidays.  From the barbecues, to the pool parties and the exciting fireworks, there’s nothing like a fourth of July cleebration.  I headed over to Pinterest to make a board just for this celebration.  I found some yummy fun and crafty fun for the kids, of course.  Have you seen those flag cakes that are popping up on Pinterest boards?  They look so good, so I found some directions on how to make one.  Are you daring enough to give it a try?  The DIY streamers are easy to do and fun for the kids.  Take a peek at my favorites from Pinterest and tell me what you think.  Do you like the yummy  DIY treats or the fourth of July crafts?  What’s your favorite?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Enjoy your Holiday!

This is a collage of my favorite Pinterest 4th of July discoveries.  Which one do you love?

This is the cutest 4th of July cone.  Kids will fall in love with this red, white and blue treat. Visit this treat on the So Family Pinterest page, click here!