It all started with those wireless speakers that you throw in your bag and take with you anywhere that changed how I enjoy music.  I love to dance and I love music so it was a no brainer to add a Jam bluetooth to my home.  I have HMDX to thank for that tiny, yet powerful Jam, that brings my music to life and keeps me dancing around my house.  Oh and I get to bring it with me when I travel as well.  The Jam is seriously perfect for families.  From mom, dad, the kids to grandma and grandpa, anyone can use it and share it.  So many of us use our phones for everything, they’re pretty much attached to us, and HMDX allows us to connect our music to their speakers and other HMDX devices easily.  They make the perfect Holiday gift for anyone who loves to listen to music on their phone.  That actually covers a lot of people.  Watch their cute squirrel video below highlighting the Jam speakers below.  It’s a cute one!

I recently added another HMDX device to the family.  I’m extremely happy with my newest toy the HMDX Jam Zzz™ Bluetooth Alarm Clock.  It’s awesome and still has the same Bluetooth capability of the Jam speakers.  It’s a Bluetooth speaker and speaker phone, oh and yes it functions as an alarm clock, as well.  I can connect my phone (wirelessly) to the alarm clock and listen to my music while I get dressed, clean or wind down for the night.  It’s perfect for the entire family.  You can listen to the radio, set the alarm for different times as reminders or just to get everyone up.

Learn more about the HMDX Jam Zzz™ Bluetooth Alarm Clock, the Jam Speakers and all of the HMDX devices  by visiting the website,  Do you or your family members jam to music around your house?  Have you ever used a Bluetooth music device?

~Monica J~ 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I was not compensated to write this review. I received a HMDX Jam Zzz™ Bluetooth Alarm Clock for review purposes.

Jam Zzz™ Bluetooth Alarm Clock 

Jam™ Classic Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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