Any sudden change in a young child’s will bring about behavior changes. Sometimes those behaviors are positive and sometimes they can be negative. No matter what your child presents during the busy Holiday season, remember one thing. This is normal!

It’s normal to see behavior changes in your child during the busy Holiday season.

For young children, routines mean comfort, trust and understanding. When their routine is disrupted it can throw them off a little. They may get cranky quickly, be easily irritated, overwhelmed and even confused. Understanding this ahead of time will allow you time to prepare for and prevent negative behavior.

6 Ways To Respond To Your Child’s Holiday Behavior Changes

1. Have a little more empathy for your child during this time

2. Try to keep them as close to their routine as possible

3. Be understanding of why they may be having a tantrum or acting cranky

4. Allow them to nap during the day, especially of they will have a long day

5. Give extra hugs and kisses when they need it

6. Carry small toys, activities and games for long trips on the road or in the air

Happy Holidays!!! Wishing you and your family a warm, loving and very merry Holiday.