“I have the power to choose!” That’s what Danny says in the book series, What Should Danny Do?

Actually, we all have the Power to Choose!

I had the opportunity to read 2 books from the series, What Should Danny Do. There are a few things that i love about each book, but first let’ stalk a little about the power in making choices.

As children start to develop they also start making choices. The more opportunities a child is given to make their own choices the more they start to learn how to live with the results of their choices. They start to learn that their choice leads to a consequence and they will have to deal with that consequence, whatever it may be. Over time children become better decision-makers.

The choices children make will also be reflected int heir behaviors. When challenges arise children have to decide how they will respond or react. the choice they make leads to the behaviors we see, both positive and negative. The power to choose is an important part of life and your child’s development.

What I love about the books in this series is that it teaches children about the Power they hold to make their own choices. these books also teach children about different outcomes, based on their choices, for the same situation. I suggest these books for independent readers and our younger readers (pre-k & kindergarten). For our younger children, who are not yet independent readers, they can read these books with you. Parents together you and your child can learn about the Power to Choose! Start reading now!

You can purchase your very own copy of What Should Danny Do on Amazon, click here or on https://www.whatshoulddannydo.com/.

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