IAMS is asking families with pets, “What’s in your dog’s bowl?” It’s important to IAMS that your family dog (and all pets) live a better life, so your family’s dog is in for a super healthy treat. IAMS pet food has introduced a new dog food, which is packed with nothing but the best healthy foods. IAMS So Good is so good for your dog. It’s packed with yummy fruits and vegetables, protein packed chicken and crunchy kibbles. There are no added preservatives, dyes or sugars, so yes it’s all healthy and good. Families are busy, but the health of all the members is important, including your pet. Have you asked yourself lately, “what’s in my dog’s bowl?”

I had a chance to attend the IAMS So Good event in NYC this week with the fabulous Chef Art Smith. Chef Art Smith, if you don’t remember, is Oprah’s former personal chef. He’s also a pet lover/owner and a spokesperson for the new IAMS So Good. While at the event he talked about what’s really in dog food and why IAMS SO Good is above all the rest and healthy for your pooch. He even treated guest to some of his Chicken Salad with crumbled blue cheese. It was amazing. The chefs dog Cochon even tagged along for the festivities. He wasn’t the only pooch there, because many of the guest had their best friends with them as well. Overall it was a fun and informative event. I really understand the importance of feeding your dog healthy food that’s made from all natural sources. They deserve the best life too!

Does your family have a pet? What do you feed your family pets? For more information on IAMS So Good or any of the IAMS pet food please visit the website, www.iams.com.

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/IAMS. I attended the IAMS So Good event for product review purposes.

All of these yummy fruits and vegetables are included in the ingredients of IAMS SO Good.

IAMS So Good is Good for your Dog!

Chef Art SMith is sharing his thoughts and the facts about what’s really in many dog food brands.

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