This past weekend was a weekend of inspiration and reflection for me. As I watched the William’s sisters rule the courts of Wimbledon and walk away with a doubles title I was immediately inspired. The team work they used and the ecouragment and support they offered each other was on display as they played hard and used their talents to secure another doubles title. I love to watch families work together, play together and most of all support each other. It’s everything that So family stands for, “Love, Support and Joy”.

It made me reflect on my own life and how lucky I am to have two sisters that I share those same important qualities with. I’m extremely close to both of my sisters and the support and love they give me definitely help me through this roller coaster of life. I appreciate all that we share together. I especially appreciate the support and motivation they offer me when life doesn’t seem so great. I have to also mention that I have a brother too and we have a great bond. But, this blog is about sisterly love. Lol.

Is there anyone in your life that you share a special bond with? Do you have sisters that you are close to?

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