The KIDZ BOP Kids are back with another hit album and an awesome group of talented singers, dancers and all around entertainers on the rise. Introducing KIDZ BOP 25, the new album, with 16 of today’s most popular songs made kid-friendly by kids, the KIDZ BOP KIDS. They make popular songs perfect for kids to enjoy, so parents don’t have to worry.  It’s all fun and I absolutely love to listen to their versions of some of my favorites like Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Miley Cyrus’s ” Wrecking Ball”.

I had the opportunity to meet the KIDZ BOP KIDS, hear them sing songs from the new album and help them celebrate the launch of the new KIDZ BOP Radio on Sirius XM radio. Your kids can now listen to music 24/7 on this new channel. KIDZ BOP Radio is a channel dedicated to featuring music from the chart-topping KIDZ BOP album series.  I’m sure your car rides won’t be the same once they find out that the new KIDZ BOP Radio has launched and is ready for its young listeners.

The album release celebration and the radio launch party was held in my hometown of New York City and I was happy to meet another native New Yorker, Matt who is one of the KIDZ BOP Kids. Matt is from New Jersey but he’s performed for both the New York Knicks and the former New Jersey Nets as a kid dancer. When asked if he was excited to be home, he said it feels good.  All of the kids were excited to be celebrating the launch of the new album and radio show.  They performed live, for some of their smallest fans, with tons of energy and excitement.  They didn’t miss a beat and made some of today’s most popular songs their own.  Watch their live in studio performance below.


Now, are you as excited as I am about the new KIDZ BOP 25 album and KIDZ BOP Radio? Well don’t waste anymore time, you can get the album on and tune in to the radio show on Sirius XM. Enjoy! Congrats again to the KIDZ BOP Kids on the new KIDZ BOP 25 and KIDZ BOP Radio.  Those kids are awesome!  Stay tuned all week on for more KIDZ BOP news.  Your kids will thank you.

Monica J~ 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I attended the KIDZ BOP 25 album relase party and radio launch in New York City.