Lakeshore has done it again! They have added even more incredible learning products to their line and this time these are specifically for learning at home. Introducing the Lakeshore Learning at Home line. Just like all of their products, the Learning at Home line is designed for learning important skills. The line specifically inspires kids to discover, create, build and more. To make this line even more special Lakeshore has partnered with, an award-winning nonprofit organization that supports classrooms across the country. From now through December 2013 Lakeshore will donate $1 for every Learning at Home purchase. How amazing is that? It’s an awesome way to give to students in need. I’m a huge advocate for children’s education and learning. So, I’m excited to share this very important news with you.

Since this is a new line from one of my favorite educational stores, I of course have a few favorite items of my own, but today I’ll share one. I absolutely love the I Am Ready! Daily Routine Chart.  This chart is perfect for teaching a child independence, responsibility and  the importance of completing their daily routines.  This chart has magnets with images of typical daily routines such as brushing teeth, making the bed and eating meals.  As an early childhood special educator this is a chart that I have made by hand time and time again.  Now it comes in a beautiful package and made of quality material that will last.  My video review of the product will be on So family TV this week, so don’t miss it.

Where does your family shop for educational products? Have you ever purchased Lakeshore Products?  How do you deal with daily routines in your home?  To learn more about Lakeshore products visit the website at

~Monica J~ 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I was not compensated to write this review.  

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