Summer vacation is nearing and I know the kids are excited, but we don’t want them to lose all of the amazing skills they gained this school year.  So, here’s a great product for at home learning and fun.  It’s one of my favorites to use with my students.  It’s the Read & Solve Word Problem Center from Lakeshore Learning.  Children can work on their simple addition and subtraction skills using numbers 1-10.  I always like to give you our Teacher secrets and this is one of them.  This product allows up to 4 children to play at a time.  The box comes with 4 activity mats, 80 counters, 24 problem cards and a 10″ wooden display stand.  It’s geared towards children 4-7 yrs.  However, I always tell parents they can determine their child’s level and what skills they can handle.

Just a little tip, if you’re working with this over the Summer vacation, just tell kids that they are playing a game rather than doing school work.  You can really make this a fun learning experience, especially with the fish and crab counters.  Watch my Instagram clip of one of our So Family Kids testing out this product.  It was a hit!  Click here for So Family’s Instagram Page.

For more information on this product and more from Lakeshore Learning visit their website,  Do you review academic skills with your children over the Summer break?  How do you re-enforce the skills your children have learned in school?  What are your first thoughts about this product?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not compensated to write this review. I purchased this product for review purposes and teacher use.  

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