We’re having a party this Saturday & you are invited.  It’s the first event for the So Family Kid’s Series, which will be an intimate event for children and their parents to experience new children’s products.  We’re featuring Leap Frog’s LeapReader at tomorrow’s event.  It’s going to be exciting!  It will be hosted by yours truly, me, Monica J!  All the fun will be held at the newly opened Tribeca Early Childhood Learning Center.  Kids will try out the LeapReader by participating in games, activities and more.  The LeapReader is geared towards children ages 4-8 years of age.  It’s an amazing learning tool that turns learning to read, write and listen into fun.  It’s the perfect tool for children to use independently and to engage in with their parents.  Learn more about at the event or wait for the event recap on Monday.

We’ll also enjoy some light snacks from our kid’s snack sponsors.  Can’t wait.  Register today for all of the FREE FUN!  So Family Kid’s Series Leap Frog Party Registration.  

~Monica J~

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