It’s Wednesday and I’m happy to share my favorite children’s products of the week.  Welcome to Weekly Favorites with Monica J.  My favorites this week are the Leap Band from Leap Frog, the GoGo Squeez Play List and Crayola’s Chalk Grab and Go Games.  Each product is centered around keeping kids active through play and having fun.  Don’t forget to stop by the blog every Wednesday for the newest episode of Weekly Favorites with Monica J.  Watch this week’s Weekly Favorites episode below to get more information about each product.  Tell me which products your family likes.  Share your comments below.


How do you keep your kids active and moving?  Do your kids participate in physical activity 20-30 minutes a day?  See any products you like on Weekly Favorites with Monica J?  You can visit, and for more information.

~Monica J~

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I received products from Leap Frog and Crayola for review purposes.   


Leap Bands from Leap Frog.  The new activity trackers for kids.

The GoGo SqueezPlay List.  A family friendly list of outdoor activities for kids and the entire family.

Crayola’s Chalk Grab and Go Games(Obstacle Course).