Attention parents of all early learners ages 3-6 years of age.  There’s a new app on the market and it’s teaching children how to READ!  Introducing Learn with Homer, a new top educational children’s app that focuses on literacy.  I’m always excited to introduce new learning tools to all of you, but this is one that definitely stands out.  As an Early Childhood Educator, teaching reading skills and phonics is all extremely important.  These are skills that every early learner will eventually tackle at some point in their early learning years.  Learning to read incorporates many components.  It’s like a puzzle, an important step by step process that can sometimes overwhelm and scare many young learners.  Parents, like teachers, are always looking for ways to make the process of learning to read easier, more enjoyable and exciting.  Learn with Homer has stepped up to the plate to assist at home with the reading process.  However, this app can be used by teachers too.

In just one app you get a complete phonics program, a library of beautifully illustrated stories, hundreds of science field trips, and exciting art and recording tools that children will love. Families are in good hands with this app.  The founder Stephanie Dua, a mom of three daughters, was looking to satisfy her children’s need of engaging reading lessons.  She was also looking for quality programs, so with technology being at the tips of little fingers it only made sense to create an amazing children’s app.   Along with top literacy experts in education she crafted Learn with Homer.

Every chance I get to try a new educational children’s app i jump on it.  I had the opportunity to review the app prior to its release and I was impressed.  I especially enjoyed the combination of graphic images and real images of animals and more.  The questions at the end of lessons assist in assessing exactly what your child has learned and understands from the lesson.  The letter review is engaging, appropriate and thorough.  There are many key factors that make this a well-rounded literacy app for children.  It’s perfect for parents to use at home with children.  I encourage parents to get involved in the lessons and work with their children while using the app.  If you are a teacher thinking about using the app, it’s definitely best to use in a one-to-one setting.  Children need time to engage in the apps lessons with teacher assistance.  It’s a great tool for center time within preschool classrooms.  Representatives from learn with Homer introduced the app to some of the preschool children at the new Tribeca Early Learning Center a few weeks ago.

To learn more about the new Learn with Homer app visit the website at  What children’s apps are you currently using in your home?  Do you allow your children to use apps?  What do you look for when selecting an app for your child?

~Monica J~

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of Monica J.  I had the opportunity to view the app prior to its release date.  

Here’s the homepage for Learn with Homer.  This is where the children select exactly where they go within the app.

Here’s one of the children having a good time exploring the new app with Learn with Homer representatives.

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