I woke up on Saturday morning to a beautiful blue sky, cool but warm weather in sunny California. I made it to Anaheim, CA the day before and I was so excited to be there. The streets were lined with palm trees, my fav, and it looked like the perfect picturesque town straight from a magazine. Clearly Anaheim is building up massive shopping and entertainment centers centered around families. And I was happy to be in the middel of it all for a few days.

My big event for that beautiful day was Kidcon! KidCon is the ultimate event for kids and families. Kids were able to play, touch, feel, explore and create with toys, games, sensory fun and so much more. And parents were able to shop, learn and watch their children have tons of fun. But wait! There were also some gems added to the day. There were custom sessions, that allowed for intimate moments with kids and their parents. One of those sessions was my Let’s Play! session. Can I just say, we had some real fun!

Children learn through PLAY. #PlayAndLearn

I had the opportunity to chat with parents about the importance of play, how children learn, what they can learn through play and a few activity ideas they can do right at home with their children.

A favorite from my session was the fun product I introduced to families. We got hands-on with Mad Mattr. Exciting! I’m a huge fan of Mad Mattr. Have you heard of it? Mad Mattr is moldable super soft dough that you can play with and even use as a calming tool (it helps stay calm when under stress).

I think I should show you all the fun we had during the session. Check out my official recap video from my session, Let’s Play! It was all about #PlayAndLearn. Watch now…

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